Tremayne Durham#OS01613467

Last Name:Durham
First Name:Tremayne
Doc/Inmate#647007 / SBI: OS1613467
Facility Name:New Jersey State Prison
 Address : P.O.Box 861
City & State :Trenton ,NJ 08625
Gender: Male
Race: Black
Eyes Color:Brown
Hair color :Black
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Hometown:Brooklyn ,NY
Institutions Email (Jpay /Corrlinks etc.):JPAY
Earliest Release Date:2023
Latest Release Date:30 to life sentence
Incarcerated Since:2006
On Death Row:NO
Crime for which you are incarcerated:Murder
Hi My name is Tremayne ,I am sinlge ,6'1 tall 250lbs ,my horoscope sign is Scorpio. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY born and raised there. I am looking for female friendships ,International overseas penpals are fine too.I enjoy reading, researching ancient history especially black history.I am presently studying civil law and criminal law.I enjoy playing video games,I love animals especially cats. I have a high school diploma and one year of college.If sending email via JPAY the first two digits are letters O and S of my SBI #OS01613467 Peace Tremayne