Eyes: Brown -Hair:Black-Hometown-Buffalo- Marital Status:Divorced-BirthDate:11/7/75 - Astrological Sign :Scorpio- Height: 6'5-Weight:225- Looking For -Bi-Sexual Females Staright Females -Non- Smoker- Sport Fan

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Innocent Man
Thanks for checking my flicks ... I appreciate life. Now, if you would just pick up your phone and email me (JPAY.COM)...I promise we will smile together in the days ahead. Trust! although there are social events here... It's lonely as hell because I'm not built to be around a bunch of hard legs 24/7 . 🙁 I need something soft , cute and obtainable to keep me balanced . I need U! Trust!
Maybe this isn't the greatest situation for a relationship, but it's perfect for the friend zone. Perhaps U a single mom that has no choice but to raise a boy into a man...I can help. Maybe U lookin for a man and could use a male perspective .Maybe U out there trying to win and just need that gangster edge to get U over the hump. I don't know. What I do know is ... I'm highly motivated to be a friend... and wil; bring value,joy, hope and a few laughs .Also, Atticas has overnight visits, so there really aren't any limits to what we could evolve to . 😉
Scorpio: Says it all about me.God fearing, athletic,energetic and cant be stopped.Love to travel ,ski,serve,attend major events and build.I've flipped properties,owned businesses,mopped floors and run dem streets. I'm a dreamer and a doer from Memphis,Tennessee, but have lived in cities in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and the DMV area.
My appreciation for life,love and opportunity is bananas right now. Holding hands, dressing alike, opening corn...but I love to spoil mine.Growth is near the sexiest thing a person can do...It's the gift that keeps giving in people situations. I never did this before it me,or is life so unpredictable that we might actually become the best of friends and fly off into the sunset happily ever after? But first ,What's your name?😊
Tell Me

What do U look for in a friends/man? What's your idea of a good time? What is your first emotion most mornings? Are U able to see beauty where no beauty should be? What sustains U inside when all else falls aways? Are U ticklish? Do U believe anything is possible? Please send photos .Meantime,and always have blessed days! LOVE-VideoGram
Meantime: TOBIAS BOYLAND 10B1086
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