Timothy Maness #257219

Gender: Male
Race: White
Religion: Christian/Any/All
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Brown/Kept Shaved
Sexual Orientation: Will write anybody
Hometown: Chester, CO
Birthdate: 10/06/1976
Institutional Email/Jpay/Corrlinks: N/A
Earliest Release Date: 2031
Latest Release Date: 09/09/2033
Incarcerated Since: 02/27/2015
On Death Row?: No
Crimes for which you are incarcerated: Aggressive Burglary, etc.
Greetings. Highly lonesome bachelor searching for acquaintance. Seeking individuals willing to write to a convicted criminal. Mainly searching for female companionship however willing to converse on any topic sex, politics, sports or especially religion. Yes, I consider myself Christian, however I’m also knowledgeable in Catholic and paganism for I realize Christianity derived from Catholic and contains pagan culture. My favorite pass-time are camping, fishing, going out to eat or going to the movies, reading, writing (anything and everything that includes my partner). Stop being lonely! Take a chance!
Timothy Maness #257219
140 Macon Way
Hartsville, TN 37074