Scott Manley #R147-551

Greetings to all of my beloved female counterparts. Like you, I am interested in like minded woman. And perhaps a more meaningful relationship.

To avoid any & all misconceptions I am a single man. Never been married, and have no Children I can biologically call my own. I am a true Bachelor of humanity. My goal is to fine Love and be Loved on!!!

My full name is Shawn Scott Manley and I am from the Italian/Irishmen stock. My mother being the Italian, I was raised to be compassionate of the woman's needs & desires. at the same time to Protect, Support and honor the value of our relationship. I was taught that honesty and transparency is a god sent. and humor and laughter heals all pain and suffering.

I'm seeking for a woman who isn't high and mighty, Who isn't judgmental, and who truly believes in second chances. Your Race, Creed, Religion, or Economical status means absolutely nothing to me. Your will and desire to accept a man for both his faults and accomplishments in life is everything to me. I want a Woman!

Question is do you fit the above description? If so, Please answer my Profile and send me both your Phone No# and a photo.

I love Both Cats and Dog. I enjoy American Football, all Motor Sports. Outdoors
MMA Boxing, Hunting and Reading. I am not a Public News watcher. Hate CNN
Love all BBC news. and love to walk around in the Nude. Hey if you have it bear it right? I totally love when a woman ask me all the forbidden questions. so do not hold back or be shy with me.

If your interested please message me back your friend
Shawn (Scott) Manley R147551
2500 S. Avon Belden Rd
Grafton, Ohio 44044