Reginald Scott #232915

Gender: Male
Race: African American
Religion: Christian
Eyes Color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Height: 5'8"
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthdate: 12/1/73
Institutions Email (Jpay /Corrlinks etc.): Jpay {PLEASE}
Earliest Release Date: 3/3/2023
Latest Release Date: Life
On Death Row: No


I want to be where God is...
I can't be where He is if I'm busy glamorizing the past man in whom I used to be.
God can't bless who I pretend to be if I can't accept me for the man that I am...
I lost out on my whole life trying to be a different me,
in comparison to whom HE wants me to be,
for the God that rests in me is far more amazing than human understanding of thee.
Author- Reginald Scott 


Reginald Scott #232915
G Robert Cotton Correctional Facility
3500 N Elm Road
Jackson, Michigan 49201
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