Paul Reed #830759C

Name:Paul Reed#830759C

Facility Name:New Jersey State Prison
 Address :Third & Federal STs.
                   P.O.Box 861
City & State :Trenton ,NJ 08625
Gender: Male
Race: RastaFarian
Eyes Color: Brown
Hair color : Black
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual ( Straight))
Hometown: Kington, Jamaica
Birthdate: 01/17/1966
Institutions Email (Jpay /Corrlinks etc.): None
Earliest Release Date:2053
Latest Release Date:2062
Incarcerated Since:11/04/2002
On Death Row: No
Crime for which you are incarcerated: Felony Murder
Former professional Footballer,Loves the outdoor,reads alots , a reggae recording artiste, writes poetry and overstands the circle of life. Looking to meet someone who is open and honest about everything .Between the age of 35 -63 who just wants to talk. I'M a very good listener. Looking to build a long lasting friendship.