Norman James #586650B


Race: African American
Religion: Muslim
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Bald
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Newark, New Jersey
Birthdate: February 27, 1971
Institution Email (JPay/CorrLinks, etc): JPay
Earliest Release Date: June 8, 2031
Latest Release Date: June 8, 2031
Incarcerated Since: June 8, 2001
On Death Row?: No
Reason for Incarceration: Murder

Hi, my name is Norman, but my friends call me Zakee; meaning pure, and intelligent. As you know, I am presently incarcerated at East Jersey State Prison. I stand at 6’3’’, I weigh 232 pounds, and have multiple tattoos. I’m the laid-back type of man who’s always willing to listen and learn, no matter who it’s coming from. As everyone have something positive to share with others. I’m very open-minded man who loves reading and writing. I’m a strong believer in “A vision without action is wasted time, and, actions without a purpose is a nightmare.” While here I’ve earned my diploma and wrote an urban fiction novel called “Before the Game Went Platinum”, that is copyrighted. I’m looking to meet someone I can build with. Someone who can see the light in a dark tunnel, who’s confident and goal oriented. A woman that’s willing to step out on the edge and give off herself in a way that doesn’t take away, but that adds on to the woman she is, that isn’t afraid to let her hair down and be herself. A woman who understands the difference between wants, needs, fantasies, and desires. Because a woman who knows that, knows that love, lust, and of course, happiness derives from the fantasies that our wants and needs desire. If that woman is you, hearing from you can be the beginning of a wonderful, lasting friendship.

Norman James #586650B
East Jersey State Prison
Lock Bag R
Rahway, NJ 07065