Marc Accardi #14951067

Gender: Male
Race: White
Religion: Catholic
Eyes Color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Hometown: Scranton, PA
Birthdate: Aug 31, 72
Institutions Email (Jpay /Corrlinks etc.): Corrlinks
Earliest Release Date: Jan 2029
Latest Release Date: Jan 2029
Incarcerated Since: 2015
On Death Row: NO
Crime for which you are incarcerated: Sex Offender- Possession Child Pornography

Are you searching for that person who you cant wait to hear from? Tired of all the same conversations that leave you empty and unsatisfied? Are you looking for that letter in a penpal that will keep you hot on a cold winter night and even hotter on a hot summer night? Looking for that person who you can share your every wanting, need, and desire about any topic ? So am I ! Write to me today ! Let's start sharing. I will answer all and every letter will get a response. Please, white envelopes and paper only.

Marc Accardi #14951067
LSCI - Allenwood
P.O. Box 1000
White Deer, PA 17887