Lee Malone #320427

Gender: Male
Race: Black
Religion: Christian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black and Grey
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Birthdate: 09/20/1977
Institutional Email/Jpay/Corrlinks: N/A
Earliest Release Date: N/A
Latest Release Date: Life with Parole
Incarcerated Since: 1997
On Death Row?: No
Crime for which you are incarcerated: Murder

My hobbies are weightlifting, reading, spiritual and enlightening books and training dogs. I work as a service dog trainer. I am taking Business Administration College courses. I am seeking an educated lady who likes dogs and don’t mind sharing my dog service training experience. I am seeking a spiritual lady that brings enlighten to my heart and vice versa. I am seeking a string willed, independent lady that is about peace and harmony. Lift is a blessing and I want to share in that blessing with that special person.

Lee Malone #320427
Turney Center Industrial Prison
1499 R.W. Moore Memorial Highway
Only, TN 37140