LaBaron Davis#159262

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Write me, LaBaron Davis#159262: 3510 N. Elm Road; Jackson, Michigan. 49201. Or Email at using my name and identification number. Black King on ice (17) years wrongfully convicted. 6" 3", 255 pounds. Love playing basketball, baseball, weight lifting, chess. Into politics, religion, writing, real people. I take life serious. I'm very loyal . If you're up for serious and heated conversation and debates contact me at the above address or on JPay. com. I guarantee you smiles and laughter. There's nothing to lose and a multitude to gain. Does race really matter in the true scope of things? Get at a guy. Peace! ************** LaBaron Davis #159262; G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility; 3510. N. Elm Road; Jackson, Michigan 49201