John Tolliver #03B2681

Gender: Male
African American
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Sexual Orientation:
Buffalo, NY
Institution Email (JPay/Corrlinks, etc.):
Earliest Release Date:
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Incarcerated Since:
On Death Row?:
Crime for which you are incarcerated:
Murder 2nd, CPW 2nd, CPW 3rd, and CPCS 3rd

Be honest. Be kind. Be willing to love people as they are. These are a few of the things that were impressed upon me by my loving mother, and I do my best to live by them. I'm a fun loving, optimistic, confident and gregarious guy; who has a wonderful sense of humor and am seeking someone to share laughs and smiles with. Alongside of every great man is a greater woman, and perhaps you're the one for me.
I'm looking for a romantic friendship -- which can eventually become something long term -- with someone whose open-minded, creative, and has a positive attitude. Someone who understands that life may not be perfect, but it's perfect with and because of each other. Someone that's willing to build something epic with me.
I'm not fond of possessive or jealous women, nor do I have time for any games or emotional drama -- had enough of that already. And I'm big on loyalty, communication, and being candid about one's thoughts and feelings. Although I care more about what's inside a person than their appearance, pictures will surely be appreciated; this way I can visualize who I'm communicating with. Age isn't a major factor but maturity is, so I'd like someone close in age.
I'm 5'9", a muscular 190lbs, and worth my weight in laughs. Interested in learning new things and about different cultures. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to all genres of music, helping others, working out, and watching almost all sports. The father of three amazing boys, but also open to having more children someday.
Well, if this is appealing, be free to contact me. Look forward to hearing from and getting to know you. Have a beautiful day! God bless!

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John Tolliver #03B2681
Attica Correctional Facility
639 Exchange St.
Attica, NY 14011