Jerson Vasallo 000649226D

name:Jerson Vasallo Prisoner ID: 000649226D
Address:168 Frontage Rd,Newark ,NJ 07114
Incarcerated Since :11/12/13
Release Date :11/12/23
Race: Hispanic 
Weight 250Lbs
 Want to write: Women Only 
Will Write Oversea: Yes
 Seeking Friendship,Legal Help, Donations Can receive Emails Via Jpay (#649226D state NJ) (
Bio: Roadblocks Have only shown me a better way. Everyday I'm a Better version of myself with a clear vision and a full grasp of the true meanings of life .I've made peace with the world and now I see it as my allied my inspiration comes from the fact that determination will always yield its rewards in the full Realization gives me strength deliverance makes me sincere, vigilance give me the principles I need to be humble. Loyalty to myself First and then to who deserves it. Every minute counts, to where I'm now. I'm on grown time and trying to network. I'm seeking brilliant minds so that together we can build new paths that lead to truth to total success. The truth is the truth no matter what angle you see it from .Stay true to who you are and don't let nobody change you!
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