Islam Gad SBI #731640D

Hello My Name is islam. I'm mixed race. I'm seeking friends of the opposite sex to correcpond. I love Traveling .I've Travled to Malaysia, Serbia ,Turkey, Egypt, Kenya.My second home is London ,United Kingdom.I lived there for 4 years.I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

My Informations:
My Name: Islam Gad SBI #731640D
D.O.B 7/26/1989 age 31
Adress P.O.Box 861 ,Trenton NJ 08625
Hometown: Elizabeth NJ
Marital Status : Single
Race African American 
Religion: Muslim
Sexual Orientation :Straight
Crimal Charges"Murder
Relase DATE:3/23/2026
Incarcerated Since 8/2016
I'm Willing to correspond outside of the United state
Astrological sign :Leo