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Thank you so much for stopping by; I truly over the years, appreciate your time. The end of my incarceration is fast approaching, and I wish to make this last portion of my journey---an endeavor to meet all the right people I wish to be back in my life. It won't be an easy task but it starts here. Throughout my lengthy incarceration, I have grown tremendously, in all aspect of life. However, there is one area that still needs nourishing; Namely, my desire for meeting lifelong friends. Over the years, my understanding of the word "friend" has changed. The enlightenment came to me during the peak of my darkest days---at the lowest point of my life---when I endured eight consecutive years of solitary confinement (through no fault of my own). Because of this period's trying times: ups & downs; gains & losses; and comings & goings, I came to fully understand the dynamics of true friendship. Having said that, I now consider only a handful of people my friends. A little about me: I am from California and of Vietnamese descent. I am a paralegal who loves writing---especially handwritten letters. I welcome the excitement of getting to know another person. I enjoy meaningful conversations---listening twice as much as I speak. My friends will always get 100% from me: love, care, honesty, respect, and loyalty. So I invite you to share some thoughts, feelings, and laughter; Let's simply get to know one another.

Will you be my friend?

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Hai Nguyen #146441D
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