GLENN Walker 476594

Hey you,I hope my intro is the one you are searching for!? If not you give me the time to read my intro and then decide if I'm gonna be the lucky one to be in your life (wink/smile)

You can call me Mike or Michael and a nice and loving guy!I'm 36 years old 6 foot 4 inches 230 pounds of lovins!(smile)I enjoy people,making them laugh,smile and feel good!I like to make someone's day better and brighter if they let me?

I'm a good guy with a big heart and I wear it on my sleeve as they say.I always try to make the best of everything wether good or bad.I make the best of this by bettering myself in anyway I can.I've grown up through this,learned alot and know what I want in life!I got about 2 more years or a little less til my expected release date 7/17/22 and the only thing I'm missing is that special someone to share life with when I step from beyond these fences and walls!

I want to share my life and my experiences with someone special!I want to make their dreams come true along with mine!

There's nothing in life I wouldn't enjoy and I'm open minded to all!I would like to explore the world if it were ment for me,learn all the different lives there are among this earth!

Are you finally ready for our paths to cross?Feel free to write or me I'm waiting on you....... 
Glenn Walker #A476-594
Lebanon CI

3791 State Rte 63 
Lebanon, OH 45036