Christopher Hall #687174C

Last Name:Hall
First Name:Christopher
Facility Name:New Jersey State Prison
 Address : P.O.Box 861
City & State :Trenton ,NJ 08625
Gender: Male
Race: Black
Eyes Color:Brown
Hair color :Black
Sexual Orientation:Women
Birth Date:2/25/83
Institutions Email (Jpay /Corrlinks etc.): Jpay
Earliest Release Date:1/26/2051
Incarcerated Since:2005
On Death Row:No
Crime for which you are incarcerated:Robbery
Hello, My name is Christoher and I'd like to invite you on a journey where we begin by building friendship that may lead to a special and intimate relationship. That's my desire ,however, establishing friendship as the foundation ensures a healthy structure .I realize that getting involved with an inmate would be risky But, it is said that the best fruits are found out on a limb.Therefore, getting to the fruit is risky. Won't you take risk to reap the reward? Ask me anything, my life is an open book.