Bryan Dorsey aka Chatta Zoe Pound #876290

Gender: Male
Sevi-Lwa “Haitian Vodou”
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference:
Cite Soleil, Haiti
Miami, FL
June 4, 1979
Institution Email (JPay/Corrlinks, etc.):
Earliest Release Date:
Latest Release Date:
Incarcerated Since:
Crime for which you are incarcerated:
First Degree Robbery

Hello, my name is "Chatta Zoe Pound" birthday is: June 4, 1979. I am from the Belekou section of Cite Soleil, Haiti and I came to the U.S. in 1983 when I was only 3 or 4 years old. I was raised in the Sable Palm Project in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood. (You can contact me directly on: using my incarcerated name: Bryan Dorsey #876290 and choosing the option: Washington Department of Corrections).

I like Boxing I was about to sign my first pro contract the year I was incarcerated. I am very good at art and I use to do tattoos when I was out but at that time I wasn't business-minded and it became to overwhelming. I've always been an athletic person, so I love to workout and play sports. I am about to be 42 and I believe that a person is only as old as they feel, so even though I had a 42 year old mindset, I have a 18 year old physicality. I love seafood, horror movies, reptiles especially snake. I had two Royal pythons and one Columbian Redtail bio constrictor. (Contact my on using my incarcerated name: Bryan Dorsey #876290 and choosing the option: Washington Department of Corrections).

I am not really tight-nit, with my family. We I was younger we all use to be close but I think that was because we thought that, that was how it was suppose to be. Once I got older, I started brainstorming about my life and realized the I've always been the outcast of the family. I came up in Miami, Florida with me grandmother while my mother, father and brothers came up in Memphis, Tennessee. I am a darker skin tone then my brother even though we have the same mother and father and that played a role in how I was treated. In the 80s, Haitians were looked at as ugly, stinky, A.I.D.S. carriers that can to the U.S. to take government funds from the African-Americans in poverty. Having a girlfriends was out the door and as I grew up, I started putting my focus on my hustle. Yeah I've been though a lot in my life but I never look at two people the same. Just because I've been try wrong by others don't mean all is bad and every person deserves a chance.

Since I've been incarceration, I've written a novel based off my life, titled: (The Making Of A Zoe!), which is selling well on Amazon and Barnes and Noble despite the producers destruction of my editorial. I wrote the novel not to receive profit/money, I wrote it to raise money for my Zoes and Zoette (Haitian people). I've had people that put their blood, sweat and tears on the blacktop serving Life in prison or lost their life on the streets. They have mother, sisters and children out there that needs help and that was my purpose in writing The Making Of A Zoe! but the people I trusted stole money from my people. I can't say it was all bad because I've learned a lot when I was dealing with them. (Contact me on: using my incarcerated name: Bryan Dorsey #876290 and choose the option: Washington Department of Corrections).

I've started a company called: Zoe Pound Enterprises, which is a umbrella investment outfit for future businesses. Zoe Pound Publishing is my seed/start-up company plus I have Zoe Pound Promotions, etc.. I want to also would like to invest in an online company such as Chatta Zoe Podcasting and were I can do interviews with street legend that's incarcerated to give then a platform to let there voices be heard. I'm trying to employ and build legitimate jobs from inside of prison. I want to come home with a nice home, a few stabled businesses, transportation all paid for with a nice bank account and good credit. When I get home, I want my team to know that I have their best interest at heart.

I have no kids but I do have nieces and nephews, which I've only meet two of them and I love them as if they're my own, regardless of the relationship that I have with their fathers. I am in the process of building my niece a kid's book publishing company, which she would be the author, CEO and copyright holder. She only 10 years old so this company will have her set by the time she's 18 to 21 years old but I need her mother or father to keep it up for her because I can only do so much from prison for her. I love, love and I love life. Karma is a real thing and I'm trying to tilt the scale more to good karma so if I can help people on the outside, while I'm on the inside that would be a great blessing.

If you would like to contact my, you can reach me on: ( using my incarcerated name: Bryan Dorsey #876290) and choosing the option: (Washington Department of Corrections). Please send a 30 second video-gram so I can know that you are not a Catfish.

Bryan Dorsey aka Chatta Zoe Pound #876290
Coyote Ridge Corrections Center
1301 N. Ephrata Avenue
Connell, WA 99326