Brandon Egan #2241421

Gender: Male

Race: White

Religion: Spiritual

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Black

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Rockwall, TX

Birthdate: 05/08/1988

Institution Email (Jpay/Corrlinks): Jpay

Earliest Release Date: 11/2021

Latest Release Date: 07/2023

Incarcerated Since: 07/2018

On Death Row?: NO

Crime for which you are incarcerated: Escape/ Possession


Hi, I’m Brandon. I’m really hoping to make a friend, get to know and talk to someone with good vibes. Mail isn’t really a big deal in the free world but here, letters are like kaleidoscopes. I’ve accomplished some mischief in the past, but I've learned to put that behind me and worked hard to prepare for an awesome and successful future. On Facebook I am Brandon Egan Burns. If you want to get to know me, please write and if you use Jpay, please include a return address so I can write back. I hope to hear from you soon!


Brandon Egan #2241421

Terrell Unit

1300 FM 655

Rosharon, TX 77583